Innovation and environmental protection go hand in hand

Acting sustainably is essential. As a logistics and transportation company, we are constantly looking for new ways to operate even more sustainably and with lower emissions. This is an integral part of our business activities and is reflected in our entire portfolio.



CO2 compensation

We measure CO2 emissions for each of our transports. In order to compensate for this, we offer the possibility of neutralizing the CO2 emissions per transport through the additional purchase of tree certificates. This is because trees can store an average of 22 kg of CO2 per year. So if one or more trees are planted, the CO2 emitted is neutralized again.

Fuel alternatives

HVO diesel & hydrogen

HVO diesel is a synthetic fuel that is produced from waste and residual materials such as vegetable oil, animal fat or used cooking oil. It is fully compatible with modern Euro 6 engines and can be installed in your truck without any modifications.


The fleet goes green

We currently have several Volvo FH Electric vehicles in our fleet. The new generation of e-trucks from Mercedes-Benz, which will be in use from the end of 2024, will impress above all with a range of 500 kilometers and a battery capacity of up to 600 kilowatt hours as well as a continuous output of 400 kW, which corresponds to 544 hp.


Five sidings

DENKINGER sets up its sites at sidings or builds them itself. This achieves greater effects in the area of life cycle assessment.

At our Rottenacker site, we recently built such a transshipment hall, into which trains can be loaded and unloaded. Onward transportation takes place by electric truck.


Wood - Light - Water

Our logistics locations have halls that are built from regional timber.

The roof surfaces of our halls are covered with PV systems* for 100% of the usable area.

We also collect and use rainwater to irrigate our trees.


Transportation mix & CO2

We rely on the latest global standards –

ISO 14083:2023



– to precisely measure the CO2 emissions of each transport.

We also have analysis tools developed in-house that enable us to calculate and optimize the exact ecological footprint of each transport.


... that one freight wagon can replace up to four trucks?


In 2023, our customers offset over 5000 tons.
On rail transport


At DENKINGER, we are responding proactively to the growing need for environmentally friendly transportation solutions. Our fleet of electric trucks not only stands for efficient and reliable transportation, but also for significant contributions to environmental protection and the promotion of emission-free mobility.

Electromobility and the use of alternative drive systems are central to the energy transition in the transportation sector, especially in the area of long-distance mobility, in order to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

We are currently already using several Volvo FH Electric trucks, and from the end of 2024 we will be adding the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz electric trucks to our fleet. These new models impress with a range of 500 kilometers and a battery capacity of 600 kilowatt hours, which corresponds to a continuous output of 400 kW or 544 hp.

CO2-neutral transportation with tree certificates

Alternative Antriebsmethoden, wie Wasserstoff und HVO-Diesel sind Teil der Denkinger Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie

Alternative drive solution I

HVO diesel

HVO diesel, also known as hydrogenated vegetable oil, is an advanced, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel. This sustainable biofuel is obtained from waste materials such as vegetable oils, animal fats and used cooking oil and converted into high-quality diesel, which not only reduces waste but also protects the environment.

Compared to conventional diesel, HVO diesel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%, making it a key element for a cleaner future. It also releases significantly fewer nitrogen oxides and particles, which improves air quality.

HVO diesel is not only environmentally friendly, but also economically advantageous, as it can be integrated into existing diesel infrastructures without expensive modifications and is fully compatible with modern Euro 6 engines. Ideal for companies that want to combine sustainability with cost efficiency.

Alternative drive solution II

Hydrogen: It's our turn ...

DENKINGER is a member of the “H2-WANDEL” project in the Alb-Donau district. This project is part of the EU funding program “HYDROGEN VALLEY”, which aims to establish 100 large-scale Hydrogen Valleys worldwide by 2030.

What are Hydrogen Valleys?
This is a concept based on the idea of a sustainable hydrogen economy. Similar to a traditional industrial area, Hydrogen Valley is a geographic area that is not only focused on traditional industries, but on a new era of clean energy. It is a cluster of companies, research institutions and infrastructure that aims to establish hydrogen as a central energy source.

In Hydrogen Valley, innovative technologies are being developed and applied to produce, store, transport and use hydrogen in an environmentally friendly way. This includes the use of renewable energy sources such as sun and wind to produce green hydrogen that causes no CO2 emissions.

The vision of Hydrogen Valley is to create an emission-free energy supply and thus make an important contribution to climate protection.

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Wood - Light - Water

DENKINGER focuses on sustainability and regionality in the construction of new logistics locations. Below we present the environmentally friendly measures and technologies that are used in site design.

  • Wooden halls from regional forests
    Our new logistics locations are built with halls made of wood from regional forests. This reduces the CO2 footprint and supports the local economy at the same time.

  • Denkinger relies on cold halls that do not require any additional heating energy. This minimizes energy consumption and protects the environment.

  • The usable areas of the hall roofs are covered 100% with PV systems
    (60% are required).

  • The electricity generated not only supplies the systems on site, but also the charging stations for e-trucks, e-cars and e-shunters as well as the electricity storage units.

  • Natural daylight through PV modules

    The side facades of our halls are partially replaced by PV modules. This not only creates additional space for generating electricity, but also pleasantly subdued daylight in the interior.

  • Rail sidings for efficient transportation
    DENKINGER erects the sites at sidings or builds them itself in order to achieve even greater effects in the area of eco-balance.

  • Rainwater harvesting for fruit trees
    The rainwater is collected in cisterns and used to irrigate the fruit trees on the land. The number of trees exceeds all legal requirements.


All DENKINGER EcoValues are combined here

Our newest site in Rottenacker meets all the environmental requirements we set ourselves. In addition to the wooden hall with PV roof and PV wall system, Rottenacker has a track for efficient goods transportation and water storage for watering our trees.



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