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  • logcoop member denkinger

Since the end of 2020, we have been a proud member of
an international cooperation aimed at pooling warehouse capacities. Our company is now part of the warehouse network based in Düsseldorf, which consists of around 190 medium-sized companies in the freight forwarding and logistics sector. With 130 locations in eleven countries, we have access to over 3.5 million square meters of warehouse space throughout Europe. In addition, the network also offers transportation solutions through the hub-and-spoke system.

LogCoop’s services are geared towards consumer goods manufacturers, producers of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and suppliers to the stationary retail trade in Germany and abroad. The cooperation offers specific storage solutions for hazardous materials, fresh produce (IFS certification) and online retail products. By using partially standardized processes, logistical workflows can be optimized and costs reduced.

In addition to the warehouse solutions, we also benefit from the bundled capacities in the transportation sector. LogCoop’s portfolio comprises 15,000 towing units, a central hub in Amt Wachsenburg in Thuringia with nationwide coverage as well as B2B and B2C deliveries to the final destination.

  • SVG Logistics Cooperative

The road traffic association, or


is a service and consulting provider for the transportation and logistics industry. SVG offers numerous services, including training and further training, occupational safety, subsidy advice, toll billing and transport insurance. The SVG Group also operates truck stops and filling stations and offers a VAT refund service to haulage companies operating throughout Europe.

The SVG head office is based in Frankfurt. Around 8000 transport and logistics companies have joined the cooperative as members.

  • sqas


is a globally recognized assessment system developed by Cefic that evaluates the safety, environment, health quality and social responsibility of logistics service providers and chemical distributors, helping them to achieve supply chain excellence.

With 30 years of experience and a global network of independent assessors, SQAS is an industry benchmark for safety, quality and sustainability in chemical transportation and logistics.


FUMO® Solutions GmbH

specializes in the development and marketing of the compliance management system FUMO®, whose origins as a pure fleet monitoring software date back to 2008.

In early 2017, FUMO® Solutions GmbH was acquired by Springer Fachmedien München GmbH. At the same time, the LEGAL LOGISTICS division of janz akademie, consisting of the products “Fuhrpark Check”, “Verlader Check” and “4PL Check”, was integrated into FUMO® Solutions GmbH. The checks have been renamed and are now offered as FUMO® Compliant Carrier, FUMO® Compliant Shipper and FUMO® Compliant 4PL. In addition to the conventional on-site audits with subsequent certification of the company, the checks are now also offered as an internal audit via the FUMO® Auditor.

  • ifs logistics tüv süd


IFS Logistics Standard

is used to check logistics activities in the area of food and non-food products, including transportation, storage, distribution, loading and unloading, etc. This standard is versatile and applies to all logistics areas such as truck, rail and ship transportation. It applies to products of all kinds, regardless of whether they have to be transported at freezing temperatures, refrigerated or non-refrigerated.

The main objective of IFS Logistics is to close the gap between production and trade in order to ensure a comprehensive overview of the entire supply chain. Until now, the movement and storage of goods was considered a weak point in quality assurance. By applying the IFS Logistics standard, this area is now integrated into quality assurance.

  • fors fleet operator


is a voluntary accreditation program that aims to raise standards in the road transport industry.

It evaluates and recognizes fleet performance in key areas, including environmental impact, safety and operational efficiency. The program provides a framework and standards to help operators improve their performance in these key areas.

FORS offers progressive levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) as an incentive for continuous improvement and recognition.

  • The


    as the umbrella and federal association, represents the cross-modal interests of 3,000 leading German freight forwarding and logistics service providers via 16 regional state associations. These companies, which together employ 610,000 people and generate an annual industry turnover of 138 billion euros, form a significant part of Germany’s third-largest industry.

    The membership structure of the DSLV is diverse and includes global logistics groups, 4PL and 3PL providers as well as larger, owner-managed forwarding companies (SMEs) with their own truck fleets. The association’s members also include charterers of inland waterway vessels and railroads, sea and air freight experts as well as customs and warehousing specialists



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