We offer a sustainable transport mix of truck and rail.


. Our rail sidings and our fleet of e-trucks provide you with attractive transport solutions. Our fleet currently includes several Volvo FH Electric trucks with a total towing weight of 44 tons and a range of around 250 kilometers when fully loaded. These vehicles are used by large companies such as LIEBHERR to transport steel and other products from our sidings. They are supplied with energy by our in-house photovoltaic system.
The new generation of e-trucks from Mercedes-Benz, which will be in use from the end of 2024, will impress above all with a range of 500 kilometers and a battery capacity of up to 600 kilowatt hours as well as a continuous output of 400 kW, which corresponds to 544 hp. The three battery units with lithium iron phosphate cell technology are designed for a long service life of 1.2 million kilometers in ten years of operation.

About ten kilometers away from our headquarters in Ehingen is our Rottenacker site. Here you will find thehe


incl. two charging stations, each with 300 kilowatt hours, which are powered by the company’s own photovoltaic system.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Sustainability: e-truck transportation contributes to a greener supply chain.
  • Efficiency: state-of-the-art technology meets optimum route planning and fuel efficiency
  • Cost savings: A clever transport mix of rail and road can reduce your transport costs in the long term

Rail connection

One of four is guaranteed to be suitable for you.

With our proprietary software Denkinger Greedy Log 1.2, we continuously determine the mathematically optimal solution to find the most cost-effective transport mix between road and rail. We always integrate the resulting outcome into our proposal and our offer for you.


The future of transportation: e-trucks as an environmentally friendly alternative

In a world that is increasingly focusing on sustainable solutions, we at DENKINGER have recognized the signs of the times. Our fleet of e-trucks not only enables the reliable transportation of your goods, but also sets a clear signal for environmental protection and emission-free mobility.

The successful transition to electromobility and alternative drives and fuels plays a decisive role in the success of the energy transition in the transport sector. A central focus here is on long-distance mobility, as it will make a significant contribution to the decarbonization of logistics. The need for action is particularly high in the area of vehicles weighing over 18 tons. In contrast to electric vans, which are increasingly being used on German roads to deliver parcels, there has so far been a lack of widely available and economically viable technological solutions for truck transportation.

The use of innovative technologies in everyday logistics is essential in order to establish alternative drive systems in heavy goods transportation and to find solutions to the most important challenges and existing uncertainties. This is particularly relevant as the technology required for these applications is still in its infancy.


Mercedes Benz e600

nachhaltiger transport mit e-lkw
  • Up to 500 km range
  • 44t tractor unit
  • 621 kWh / 3 batteries
  • Charging time 30 min %-80%
    (depending on the charger)

  • Two engines with 816 hp max.
  • 10,400 Nm torque
  • In use from Q4/2024



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