The basis of a transparent supply chain

In view of the geopolitical events of recent years, we expect the complexity of the supply chain to increase. Existing supply chains collapse and have to be replaced by new ones. The legal regulations are increasingly restricting the scope for action and must be taken into account when planning. In order to maintain the competitiveness of a supply chain in this area of tension, it is essential to build it up transparently and agilely – with the use of digital technologies. They form the basis of a transparent supply chain and must be linked and used efficiently. This is the only way to achieve shorter throughput times, lower production, storage and operating costs and a transparent database for comprehensive analysis.

Digital technologies for transportation and logistics

Transformation to Logistics 4.0

As digitalization progresses and the associated transformation to Logistics 4.0 takes place, a wide range of digital products and solutions are available. These can make a decisive contribution to maintaining a company’s competitiveness and profitability – provided that the right solutions are used.

To ensure this, the problem or process to be solved or optimized must first be identified. Different solutions are suitable depending on the application. If you wish, we can support you with this first step.

Once the use case has been identified, the next step is to find the right digital solution. Due to the abundance of offers, this is difficult without specific know-how. This is where our internal IT specialists come into play.

It is just as important to draw up a catalog of requirements in order to be able to filter economically. Once a suitable solution has been found, an implementation and training plan needs to be drawn up. This must be tailored to the specific company in order to carry out the changeover efficiently.

DENKINGER will be happy to advise you to find the right solution for you from the pool of digital products and solutions. We not only help you with the selection, but also support you with implementation and follow-up projects on request.

The following technologies have become established and proven themselves in practice

How DENKINGER copes with everyday digital life

  • Internet of Things
Digital networking of people, data, things and processes, e.g. wearables such as picking glasses, exoskeletons, etc.
Areas of application:
Monitoring, control and optimization of the supply chain
  • RFID
Technology for identifying and localizing objects without visual or physical contact and data acquisition
Areas of application: Goods tracking, goods inspection
  • Automated guided vehicles
Floor-bound conveyors with their own drive, which are automatically controlled and guided without contact
Areas of application: Intralogistics, goods transportation
  • Drones
Unmanned aerial vehicles for the transportation of goods
Areas of application: Inventory, goods transportation, monitoring
  • Pick systems:
Pick-by-Light, Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by-Vision, Pick-it-easy robots, etc.
Application areas: Order picking
  • Digital twins
Digital representation of a material or immaterial object from the real world, enabling its simulation, control and optimization in real time
Application areas: Simulation of new warehouses/ new logistics processes/ production/ product life cycle
In-house created information videos in different languages with avatar
Areas of application: Virtual tours as an orientation aid for our drivers at our logistics centers

Supply Chain Analytics

We are an experienced IT expert with many years of experience in the field of business intelligence and analytics.

The further development of logistics into comprehensive supply chain management is accompanied by increasing transparency and networking along the entire value chain. This enables the comprehensive use of business intelligence to gain valuable business insights. Relevant trends, patterns and optimization potential can be identified through the exploration and analysis of the available, constantly increasing data. These create greater transparency in your processes and can be used as a sound basis for decisions. The use of business analytics also offers great insight potential.

With the help of predictive analytics, forecasts can be developed from existing data, enabling more transparent and optimized planning.

For example future sales volumes and flows of goods, requirements for transportation capacity and personnel are forecast. Similarly, a real-time transportation visibility platform can be used to predict ETAs or a supply chain risk management platform to identify risks in the supply chain. These findings and forecasts (business foresights) enable, among other things, a storage and retrieval strategy adapted to the incoming flow of goods. The same applies to personnel and transportation planning that is adapted to the required capacities in order to avoid bottlenecks and overcapacities, even in the event of unplanned events (e.g. late deliveries, damage).

Have you recognized the great potential of supply chain analytics, but don’t have the necessary resources or know-how?

As experienced IT experts with many years of experience in the field of business intelligence and analytics, we can do this for you. You benefit from our own experience as well as the experience we have gained from numerous reference projects.



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