IT security in logistics & transport

Right from the start, of course

Years ago, firewalls and anti-virus software were sufficient for IT security, but today we face much greater challenges. Cyber attacks and white-collar crime are becoming cleverer, more complex and are constantly finding new ways. Attackers are now using social engineering and artificial intelligence (AI) to penetrate your network.

For this reason, we consider IT security right from the start. Whether for our cloud solutions, interfaces or access controls (ZuKo) to our warehouses or data centers. This enables us to ensure that your data and goods are absolutely secure with us throughout all processes.

Safety travels with you - locally and globally

While many companies can limit their IT security to the company and employees working from home, we have to think much further ahead in the transport and logistics sector. Our professional drivers use electronic consignment notes, communicate digitally with the head office and are shown AI-optimized routes – all of these processes must also be secured. And not just locally, but globally.

For this reason, we rely on innovative security solutions that are capable of comprehensively securing your data – no matter where you access it from.

Your advantages with Denkinger Digital IT-Security

Maximum data protection and absolute information security

  • IT security specifically for transportation and logistics services
  • IT security from handheld hardware to ZuKo and data
  • State-of-the-art ransomware security solutions
  • Zero trust networks
  • Secure and unalterable backups as well as storage snapshots, replication and continuous data protection (CDP)
  • Cloud solutions from German data centers
  • GDPR-compliant data centers
  • Innovative, active threat response
  • Network isolation, process isolation and desktop isolation are our three methods for ensuring that our devices remain productive More
  • Comprehensive security for your data across all infrastructures (hybrid cloud, on-premises, etc.)
  • Secure storage of your data in German data centers in Ulm
  • 24/7 support and monitoring

Cloud solutions

Secure, needs-based and scalable

The cloud has become an integral part of everyday business life. Most companies rely primarily on hybrid cloud solutions in which data is stored locally (on-premises) in their own data center or moved to the cloud, depending on requirements.



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