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DENKINGER is an innovative, family-run transport and logistics company with the following divisions
. We offer and connect transportation by road, rail, sea or air. We implement our logistics projects with the highest degree of customer orientation. We always react flexibly to changing market structures or customer requirements. When working with our business partners, we value respect and partnership. In this interplay, we solve your logistics and IT requirements with passion and inventiveness.

We are:

  • Socially responsible
  • Economically successful
  • Appreciating each other
  • Sustainable growth
  • Gratefully forward
Here you will find current articles and news about DENKINGER and transportation in general.
Company profile
DENKINGER is an innovative, family-run transport and logistics company with the business divisions Logistics, IT and Transportation.
The careful use of natural resources is part of our responsibility. By testing innovative concepts and technologies, we combine sustainability and cost-effectiveness.
The entrepreneurial spirit that Maria Denkinger brought to life back in the 1960s is not just a legacy, but a mission: only together can we achieve something - everyone with their own skills, in their own place in the company.
Regional commitment
For us, Ehingen is not just a region with which we feel connected. This is where the DENKINGER story began. Ehingen is our home, where we are rooted and which is close to our hearts. For this reason, we are happy to support local clubs, sports, customs and social projects.
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We have our own work clothes. With the Denkinger collection, we offer our employees functional and fashionable clothing for all weathers.



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