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Our logistics center

Allmendingen has a lot to offer. Here is the home base of our warehouse logistics professionals, who really get to work. For example, as a warehouse specialist or warehouse logistics specialist.

Gianluca Calabretti

Career changer and came to Denkinger through his father

“Right from the start, I was impressed by the work culture and the super technical equipment”

“How did I come to DENKINGER? An exciting story, because I am a trained car mechanic and now work as deputy logistics manager at the Allmendingen site. When my father 2017 when I started at DENKINGER, the name meant nothing to me, because I come from the Stuttgart area. My father always described his area of responsibility so positively, always on an equal footing with the company management, always open to new ideas of his own. And once he showed me the ultra-modern machines and equipment, I knew I would love to work here. I sent an unsolicited application. As a career changer! I was able to acquire the missing know-how through training and further education. It’s exciting every day and we are challenged here at the logistics center. But our performance is seen and rewarded.”

Gianluca Calabretti, 23, joined DENKINGER in 2018 and is now responsible for the smooth loading and unloading of daily incoming and outgoing deliveries at the logistics center. The work combines office work on the computer as well as active support with the help of state-of-the-art equipment such as reach stackers and overhead cranes.


Our head office

Technicaland commercial specialists come together at our company headquarters.

Here you will find our teams for scheduling, IT and marketing. Welcome as a professional driver, IT specialist, industrial clerk, office management clerk or industrial clerk.

Theresa Striebel

"It all started with an internship."

When Theresa Striebel began her dual study program in Business Administration – Forwarding, Transport, Logistics at DENKINGER in 2017, it was not her first time here. “The immense variety of professions and Initially, the courses on offer were of little help in choosing a career. I actually knew much more about what I didn’t want to do than what I wanted to do. My idea was to train in a profession that I would at best enjoy doing for a long time. Office, computer, organization, communication – I could well imagine that. That’s why I started doing internships during my school vacations early on. A career in freight forwarding appealed to me at the time, which is why I completed a voluntary internship at DENKINGER.The chemistry was right straight away and I liked the internship so much that I promptly signed the study contract. Theresa Striebel has now completed her studies and works as an assistant to the management.

My tasks are very varied and responsible. Independent work, prioritization of tasks and creative and decision-making skills require entrepreneurial thinking and action. The combination of studying and practical work in the company was a good tool”. Theresa Striebel is currently studying for a Master’s degree with a focus on IT and data-driven business. “I would like to follow the path that DENKINGER is taking towards becoming an IT logistics company with supply chain management and digital services. It looks like I’ve made the right career choice.”

Marc from Bentivegni

"I can plan my own working hours well"

When Marc von Bentivegni started to take charge of marketing at DENKINGER in 2021, he had just become a father for the second time. He knew beforehand that he would split his parental leave with his wife. “During the job interview, I communicated that I wanted to work part-time and that I would keep to the time arrangements with my wife, who also works. I was very pleased that Peter Denkinger, Managing Director, encouraged me in my stance and said “Family is very important at DENKINGER. Together we will certainly find the right part-time model, combined with the option of working from home.”

Marc von Bentivegni is Head of Marketing at Denkinger. His focus is on brand communication. The fact that he has such a responsible and varied job is thanks to Denkinger’s open corporate culture – and not least the company vision.

When I applied to Denkinger, I wanted the job because I was sure I could play to my strengths here. I had neither preferences nor reservations about logistics. I am now enthusiastic about the company’s vision. I find the development into an IT service provider with its own logistics areas extremely exciting and gives me the prospect of varied professional years.”

What the 46-year-old particularly likes is the flexibility with which he can organize his working day. His area of responsibility makes this possible. “I’ve never had a job where work and private life can be so well balanced. I can work in the office or from home, schedule my appointments, whether business or private, just as it makes sense and is necessary. Especially with two small children, that’s a dream! I really appreciate the trust placed in me by the management, that I am doing my job well and that I know everything is running smoothly.”



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