19. July 2023

DENKINGER represented in the IHK General Assembly

The IHK Ulm represents the economic interests of around 41,000 companies in its area of responsibility, ranging from one-person companies to global players. Membership of the IHK is required by law so that all companies, regardless of their size, can participate. All IHK members within their electoral district and electoral group are eligible to vote. This ensures that the General Assembly represents a wide variety of sectors, regions and company sizes.

The General Assembly acts as the highest decision-making body of the Ulm Chamber of Industry and Commerce and represents the parliament of the regional economy. It sets the course of the IHK Ulm and makes decisions on issues that are of fundamental importance for the chamber’s commercial economy. In addition, the members of the General Assembly elect the President and the Vice Presidents (the Executive Committee). They decide on the IHK business plan and determine the contributions that companies must pay.

The election to the General Assembly of the Ulm Chamber of Industry and Commerce took place this spring. From May 10, 2023, members of the Ulm Chamber of Industry and Commerce had the opportunity to cast their vote either online or by letter. A total of 98 candidates stood for election for the 2023-2028 term of office. However, only 52 entrepreneurs can be elected to the committee. Of these, 32 members were re-elected who had already been members of the plenary assembly in the previous election period. In addition, 20 new entrepreneurs were elected to the committee.

Simon Brunner (DENKINGER Managing Director) – for whom it is particularly important that future generations can live successfully and well in the Alb-Danube region – stood for election for the first time and was successfully elected to the General Assembly of the Ulm Chamber of Industry and Commerce. He also receives impetus for this office as second chairman of the IHK-Wirtschaftsjunioren Biberach.



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