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As an experienced freight forwarder, we specialize in the storage and handling of steel (round steel, bar steel, square tubes, round tubes, heavy plates, strip steel, angle steel, structural steel, coils, etc.).

In addition to storage, this includes a customer-specific IT environment, which we create in-house, as well as the option of sustainable transportation via freight train and e-truck.

As a specialized freight forwarder, we don't just store YOUR STEEL - we also store

We also offer sustainable steel transportation by rail and e-truck, as well as individual IT solutions.

Für eine Stahl-Spedition ist ein eigener Gleisanschluss von entscheidendem Vorteil


Rail transport made easy

We have a total of four


. Three of them are located in southern Germany, the northernmost in Bremerhaven. We will soon be calling a fifth connection our own. By using our proprietary software, Denkinger Greedy Log 1.2, we are able to continuously identify the mathematically optimal solution. This also allows us to determine the most cost-effective transport mix between road and rail.


From rail to road with low emissions

Our fleet currently includes several FH Electric vehicles from Volvo with a total towing weight of 44 tons and a range of around 250 kilometers when fully loaded. The next generation of


from Mercedes-Benz, which will be in use from the end of 2024, will impress with even more range and power.

Umschlaghalle Rail-Hub für Stahl mit Gleisanschluss


Rail transport plus e-truck

About ten kilometers away from our company headquarters in Ehingen is our brand new

rail hub

– a transshipment hall where trains are loaded and unloaded and then transported onwards by electric truck.


on the subject of steel forwarding and steel transportation

Simon Brunner, Managing Director (CEO) of DENKINGER Int. forwarding agent, will personally take care of your request.


WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU as a freight forwarder IN PUNCTO STAHL Logistik

Our service portfolio Steel logistics

  • Handling with gantry cranes Incoming goods inspection and scanning
  • Warehousing and storage of your goods in dry and heated warehouses
  • Picking, packaging and preparation for dispatch if necessary
  • Consignment warehouse
  • Disposition and dispatch of outgoing transports (DE+INT)
  • Video and alarm-protected
  • Consideration of your individual requirements
  • Free logistics consulting & production supply


Simon Brunner (CEO) will personally take care of your request.

+49(0)176/ 11708830

Our advantages

Why your steel is in the best hands with DENKINGER

Our logistics locations have spacious outdoor warehouses that enable the storage of large quantities of steel. With special handling equipment with a payload of up to 45 tons (90 tons in tandem lift), we can handle and temporarily store very large quantities there. In addition, we almost always have the option of transporting your steel not only by truck, but also by rail.


With excellent rail, road and sea connections, our logistics sites are conveniently located throughout Germany and, depending on requirements, our logistics warehouses are equipped with a variety of equipment such as high-bay racking, mobile racking, block storage, crane systems up to 200 tons with vacuum and magnet systems, as well as parcel tongs, heavy-duty forklifts and sprinkler systems.


We currently operate a total of five sidings. The northernmost is located in Bremerhaven, the southernmost in Rottenacker near Ehingen. In addition to reach stackers and heavy-duty forklifts, we also use various crane systems for on-site handling.

To increase flexibility, we have our own shunting vehicles in use. Our longest private siding has over 1.2 km of track. With a clear commitment to rail, we will continue to expand our own sidings in the coming years in order to shift even larger volumes to rail in a targeted manner.


Connection to our intelligent IT solutions is also a matter of course at every location. We are happy to map your figures and requirements in individual dashboards for you and can also take on other IT services on request.

Do you have any questions about our steel logistics?

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The transportation of steel plays a special role in the logistics sector.

Due to its weight and special properties, steel requires precise planning and sophisticated logistics solutions. Our expertise in the field of steel logistics enables us to transport steel products safely and efficiently. By using state-of-the-art technologies and continuously optimizing our processes, we ensure that every delivery arrives at its destination on time and in perfect condition.

Cooperation with a specialized steel transport company is essential in order to meet the high requirements. Our forwarding company offers customized transport solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of our customers. From planning and load securing to delivery – we cover all aspects of steel logistics. Our qualified and trained employees know how to master the challenges of steel transportation professionally.

The importance of a smooth logistics chain for steel cannot be overemphasized. As the link between production and consumption, our forwarding department plays a crucial role in the value chain. Our services include not only the transportation itself, but also additional services such as the storage and distribution of steel pieces. This enables us to guarantee our customers comprehensive and reliable support for their logistics needs.


In the world of steel logistics, everything revolves around precision and reliability. Our many years of experience and extensive expertise make us a leading provider in this specialized sector.


Why your steel is in the best hands with DENKINGER

We handle a wide range of steel products, from steel profiles to round steel, steel bars, square tubes, round tubes, heavy plates, steel strips, angle steel, structural steel, coils and slit strips.


Our specialized means of transport are tailored to the different needs of steel products.


By using the latest technologies, we enable transparent and efficient transport processing.


Load securing is a top priority for us in order to guarantee the quality and integrity of your products.


Our solutions are always tailored to the individual needs of our customers.


We not only offer transportation services, but also a comprehensive outsourcing package that covers all aspects of steel logistics, from storage to delivery.

Customized logistics solutions increase efficiency and flexibility for our customers.


Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority – we understand their requirements and develop tailor-made concepts.


Taking over all logistics processes allows our customers to concentrate on their core business.


We are committed to the highest quality standards at every step of the logistics chain.


In steel forwarding, we place particular emphasis on specialty areas and sustainability. We understand the unique requirements that the logistics of steel products entail and focus on environmentally conscious processes.

Focus on industry specialties and products

We specialize in the logistics of special products such as coils, steel bars, pipes and steel pieces. Our staff are trained to handle the transportation and storage of these goods safely and efficiently. Steel transportation is a critical area where expertise is key and we are proud to be recognized as a leading steel freight forwarder in Germany. Direct contact with our customers enables us to offer specialized logistics services that are tailored to the individual needs of different industries.

Environmentally conscious logistics processes

Sustainability is firmly anchored in our processes. From the planning of logistics services to the actual transportation of steel, we ensure that environmental aspects are taken into account. This starts with the efficient design of our storage facilities, including the use of container systems to make optimum use of space and reduce the need for transportation. We integrate best practices for environmental protectionand consistently try to make our employees aware of environmentally friendly working methods. In this way, we are helping to protect the environment and at the same time optimize our steel transports.


In our daily practice, we encounter a number of questions on the subject of steel logistics and steel transportation. Our expertise allows us to answer these questions precisely and ensure that our customers have all the necessary information for the safe and efficient transportation of steel products.

How are steel products safely prepared for transportation?
In order to transport steel products safely, we ensure that the load is adequately packaged and secured. This includes suitable strapping, edge protection and moisture protection to prevent damage or impairment of the goods.

What types of vehicles are used in steel forwarding?
We use a variety of specialized vehicles in our fleet, including curtainsider semi-trailers and mega-trainers. The

vehicle types

are selected according to the load characteristics and road conditions.

What influence does the maximum load of a vehicle have on the planning of steel transports?
The maximum load of a vehicle determines how much weight can be transported safely and is crucial for calculating transportation costs and selecting the right vehicle. For heavier loads, weight allowances may have to be taken into account.

How do you ensure compliance with safety regulations in steel transportation?
We strictly adhere to all safety regulations by providing regular training for our specialist staff and checking that all means of transportation comply with regulatory requirements. Careful planning and monitoring are essential.

What are the challenges in the logistics of steel products?
The biggest challenges lie in handling heavy and bulky goods, ensuring on-time deliveries and developing flexible solutions for a wide range of requirements in the area of



How do you optimize route planning and time management in steel logistics?
To optimize route planning and time management, we rely on advanced traffic monitoring software to avoid delays and optimize routes and schedules. Efficiency and punctuality are our top priorities.



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